History of Qingdao Automobile (QAIE)

In 1995    Qingdao Automobile Import & Export Co., Ltd. was established. It is a main member of Shandong Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd. and is the pillar of foreign trade of the Group in the port of Qingdao.
 In 2000     Qingdao Automobile Import & Export Co., Ltd. was restructured and became an independent legal entity of import and export enterprise approved by the State Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economy.
 In 2006    QAIE’s Logistics warehouse and product testing center were established with the total area of 10,000 M2.
 In 2010    QAIE’s auto parts manufacturing base was established with the annual output of 3,000 tons. Cooperated with Shandong University, the base was integrated with the functions of production, R & D, inspection and logistics.
 In 2011    Through equity holding, QAIE strengthened strategic cooperation with core suppliers.
 In 2014    Central Metal Tech Co., Ltd. was founded. The enterprise expands the business scope to provide customers with technical consult, sample processing, products development according to drawings or sample, third-party technical service, etc.

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